Corporate Partnerships with Home for Good

Together we can find a home for every child who needs one.

“Towards the end of 2021 we were approved for adoption and now we are in the family-finding stage. We have been so encouraged and supported by Home for Good. We can honestly say we don’t know if we would be in the same position we are now without Home for Good and their supporters.”

- Home for Good enquirers


Every 15 minutes, a child in the UK enters the care system. Many will have suffered neglect or abuse, all will experience the trauma of separation and loss. Each one deserves a home where they will be loved, nurtured and enabled to thrive.   

Today, too many children and young people are waiting too long for the stability, care and love they need.  Children coming into care experience instability that has a major impact on their formative years.

In addition, care leavers make up 25% of the homeless population. Nearly 50% of under 21-year-olds in contact with the criminal justice system have spent time in care. 41% of care leavers aged 19-21 years are not in education, employment, or training (NEET), compared to 12% of all 19- to 21-year-olds.


Here at Home for Good we have a bold vision to find a home for every child who needs one in the UK through fostering, adoption and supported lodgings.

Home for Good inspire and equip individuals, families and churches across the country to play their part for vulnerable children. Through our carefully curated resources and content, training packages, events and services, our comprehensive programme equips individuals and families as they explore fostering, adoption or supported lodgings, and mobilises churches and communities to better welcome, understand and support families who love and raise care-experienced children.


Last year we received over 1800 enquiries about fostering and adoption.

335 individuals, couples and families were referred by Home for Good to their local assessing body.

24,000 individuals backed our open letter to Government to tackle the issue of racial disparity in care.

Last year we hosted 32 fully-booked online Foundations courses, a six week course exploring fostering and adoption.

Over 1400 people registered to join our online Summit in 2020, a gathering of Christians passionate about caring for vulnerable children. They represented almost 800 churches from across the UK.

Our reputation in the sector is growing, with increasing recognition among politicians, policy makers, local authorities, social workers, businesses and churches.

As we look to the future, we see huge potential to find more homes for vulnerable children as we engage with more of the UK’s 50,000 church communities to find a home for every child who needs one.

Your business

Our impact is growing, and we need more businesses to join in.

A partnership with Home for Good demonstrates your company’s commitment to finding a home for every child who needs one.

A partnership with Home for Good is also an act of solidarity, a way in which your business can share your resources and invest in thousands of children’s lives, both now and in the future.

Your business – and the individuals who are part of it - are unique. We will work with you to discover the distinctive part your business has to play in finding a home for every child who needs one.

From inviting your customers to round up the cost of their order at the checkout and sponsoring high- profile HfG events, to creating a match giving fund for your employees and launching joint campaigns, will you consider a corporate partnership with Home for Good?

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Together we can find a home for every child who needs one

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Together we can find a home for every child who needs one.

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