3 years old

Could you provide Jacob with a home for good?

Our partners, Adoption Matters are looking for an individual, couple or family who are sensitive to the needs of children with additional needs and are able to give Jacob the future he deserves.

You’ll need lots of energy and won’t mind playing games lots of times with Jacob or his current favourite, blowing lots of bubbles (bubble blowing skills are a definite plus!!) as Jacob shows his delight at this with a huge smile and lots of giggles!

Jacob needs a calm, quiet home environment that has good structure and routine whilst also being flexible to meet Jacob’s changing needs as he grows.

You will need to be a good ‘team player’ and be able to work with a host of professionals all working together to help Jacob including speech therapists, social workers and other health professionals. You will need to be able to accept uncertainty and also be open minded and willing to learn new strategies and techniques.

You will need be Jacob’s voice and advocate and also be able to ask for help when you need it too.

All little bit about Jacob

  • Jacob has a lovely smile that lights up the room and his giggles are infectious to watch. In terms of what he likes and his development, this can change from week to week. Here’s a snapshot of what Jacob likes right now.
  • Jacob is a very gentle little boy, who is happy and calm in his familiar surroundings and he has a very good relationship with his foster carer and her family.
  • Jacob loves being tickled and he will smile at his carer and make eye contact to encourage her to do this again; he also likes to hold her hand and walk from one room to another in the house. Jacob enjoys listening to music and he will make excitable noises to the different music he hears through the television or the radio.
  • Jacob is a sensitive child who experiences his world through sensory interactions. He reacts to noise, sound, touch and smell in both a negative and positive manner. He has a sensory tent which he will sometimes use. Jacob loves snuggling himself into a blanket which helps to soothe him if he is upset.
  • Jacob has recently started nursery. After a tricky start he has now settled in relatively well. He won star of the week for showing a big improvement in going up and down the stairs and accessing the dining room with other children, which is a real step forward for him.

  • Jacob enjoys watching his carer blow bubbles, showing his delight with a huge smile and lots of giggles!

Jacob has global development delay but is making good progress in terms of physical development as well as demonstrating a real ability to learn.

You do not need to be an approved adopter to enquire about Jacob. We will offer full training and ongoing support, including possible financial support, to any family approved for Jacob.

Experience of working with or caring for children with disabilities would be advantageous but is not essential. We offer full training and ongoing support, to any individual, couple or family interested in adopting Jacob and the local authority are open to considering a financial support package to help with the practical aspect of caring for Jacob.

To find out more about Jacob contact the Bespoke Family Finding Service via email: info@bespokefamilyfindingservice.org or complete the online form here or contact the service on: 0300 123 1066 quoting your interest in ‘Jacob’

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