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Our adoption partner for the West Midlands is Adoption Focus

Home for Good isn’t an adoption agency, but we work with a number of excellent adoption agencies throughout the UK to create our pathway to adoption. We recommend agencies that are committed to providing a faith-friendly service and offer fantastic post-adoption support for life.

Our pathway agency that is closest to you is Adoption Focus

Adoption Focus provides adoption services in Birmingham, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties. They work with people who live within a 50 mile radius of one of their three offices in Birmingham, Staffordshire and Oxfordshire. You can find out more about Adoption Focus here.

Our pathway agency that is closest to you is Adoption Focus

We recommend Adoption Focus because:

  • They are a dedicated and experienced adoption agency, consistently rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted at each inspection, most recently in February 2018. The Inspector said that “Adopters feel well prepared to look after their children. This is because the staff work collaboratively with them throughout their assessment and post approval. Adopters value the individual relationships they have with staff and the agency. They feel they receive excellent support at all stages of the process.”
  • From your first contact, Adoption Focus social workers will give you the time and professional support you need to move forward with your adoption plans. Their preparation training is professionally delivered by specialist adoption social workers and adopters, making it relevant and realistic.
  • They offer a life-long commitment to support your family. Their dedicated team provides excellent post-adoption services including their acclaimed ‘Nurture the Journey’ support package, tailored to the needs of each family. They also offer social events for adopters and children; support groups for parents and children; play and stay groups; direct work to help with more challenging times; and a buddy scheme offering invaluable peer-to-peer support.
  • They have a rich faith heritage. Emanating from a faith-based adoption agency, Adoption Focus truly values the contribution that faith and faith communities make to adoptive families, helping to ensure that the most vulnerable children have the best chance to achieve family life.
  • They have just launched Early Permanence in partnership with St. Francis’ Children’s Society, a Home for Good partner adoption agency based in Milton Keynes. They also now offer ‘Fostering for Adoption’ early permanence placements as an additional route to support vulnerable children

“We knew that our religion was going to be an extremely important part of the whole adoption process, so it was crucial to find the right agency. Our first few meetings and preparation training convinced us that we had made the right choice. From that point on, our Adoption Focus social worker was with us on every step of the journey, and ultimately we believe, guided us to our special two boys, who have now been with us for five years. The best decision we have ever made. Without the help and support of Adoption Focus and the care post-adoption, we would not be the happy family that we are today.”


If you're considering fostering or adoption we'd love to chat with you and connect you with Adoption Focus. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to help answer any questions you may have.

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