Our approach to advocacy

We engage with policy-shapers, decision-makers and influencers, advocating for looked after children and those who care for them. We are faith-rooted and child-focused; believing we have a mandate to advocate with children and families, not just for them. In every aspect of our advocacy work, we seek to be a source of innovative solutions to society’s challenges.


We are constantly engaging with the Home for Good family of children, carers, parents and professionals, to understand the issues they face and their ideas for change.


Our relationships with influencers including politicians, civil servants and journalists enable us to share positive stories and credible policy and practice solutions.


As we identify innovative solutions, we join or spearhead campaigns or catalyse action to achieve tangible change.


of the homeless population were once in care


of males under 21 who are in contact with the criminal justice system are care experienced


of people in prostitution were once in care

"Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless." Isaiah 1:17

We want to see:

  • Every child flourishing in a loving home that meets their individual needs
  • Every foster carer listened to and respected for their expertise
  • Every adopter supported practically and professionally

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National statistics for fostering and adoption

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